Kennedy Tracey: The OpenFender Success Story 

Thom Piper


Thom Piper


Sep 6, 2023

Kennedy Tracey: The OpenFender Success Story 

Kennedy Tracey, a 14-year-old go-kart racer hailing from Washington, PA, has become a rising star in motorsports. Representing Race Factory/MPG Motorsport in the highly competitive KA100 junior class, Kennedy has showcased the exceptional talent and an unparalleled determination that sets her apart from her peers.

Despite her young age, Kennedy's journey in racing began three years ago when she first stepped onto the track. Her passion for motorsport ignited, and she quickly fell in love with the thrill and excitement it brought. With a desire to excel, she decided to dedicate herself to pursuing a career as a professional driver.

Not only does Kennedy possess impressive racing skills, but she also possesses a keen mechanic's eye. She enjoys getting her hands dirty, working on her own go-kart, and supporting her team in building new and improving existing equipment. This hands-on approach has not only deepened her understanding of the sport but has also garnered respect from fellow racers and enthusiasts alike.

To achieve her dreams, Kennedy understands the importance of finding reliable funding for her racing season. This determined young racer has already raised over $15,000 for her upcoming 2023 season. Utilizing innovative tools such as OpenFender, she has collected funds from fans, supporters, and sponsors, enabling her to fully self-fund her first national season.

Furthermore, Kennedy's remarkable efforts have not gone unnoticed. Smokin’ Steer BBQ, a prominent establishment, has stepped up as a headline sponsor to support Kennedy in her pursuit of excellence. This endorsement illustrates Kennedy's talent and highlights her ability to captivate and engage sponsors.

What sets Kennedy apart from other aspiring racers is her commitment to empowering others in the motorsports community. She has assisted numerous fellow racers in setting up their funding profiles and promoting their racing aspirations. Kennedy's proactive support aligns perfectly with OpenFender's mission of increasing the participation of racers and engaging more fans in the sport.

Kennedy Tracey has proved that age and experience are but numbers when it comes to success in the world of racing. Her determination and tireless efforts to raise funds, secure sponsors, and assist other racers exemplify her unwavering passion and dedication. As Kennedy continues to hone her skills on the track and expand her knowledge through national races, it is only a matter of time before we see her conquering even greater heights in motorsports. The future is undoubtedly bright for this young racing prodigy, and we eagerly await her next triumphs with bated breath.

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