• Why OpenFender

    Why OpenFender?

    Who is OpenFender?

    Why should I use OpenFender?/Can I just use a charity platform (ie GoFundMe)?/What makes you different?

    Who should use OpenFender?

    What is FundChaser?

  • Profile

    Is a profile necessary?

    What elements are required to complete a profile?

    Do I need a photo?

    Do I need to link my social media?

    I race in multiple categories, do I need separate profiles for each?

    How can I make the most of my profile?

    What if my vehicle is not on OpenFender?

  • Payment/Funding

    How do I get funded?

    How often do I get funded?

    I have other funding sources/sponsors - should I direct them through OpenFender?

    How do my sponsors and boosters fund me?

    How much does OpenFender charge?

    What is covered by OpenFender's fees?

    What can I use my funds for?

    Does OpenFender operate globally?

    How do I set up international payouts?

    I selected the wrong country initially. What should I do?

  • Sponsorship/Boosters/Campaigns

    What's the difference between a Boost, a Fundraising Campaign, and a Sponsorship?

    How do I confirm the racer I sponsored is displaying my logo?

    What do I get for funding a racer?

    What if the area I have open for sponsorship is not on the vehicle?

    How can I race cars for a living?

    How do people make money racing cars (motorcycles, jet skis, snowmobiles, etc.)?

    How do I get motorsport sponsors?

    How much should I charge for a racing sponsorship?

    How much does it cost to sponsor a race car?

    How do you get sponsored?

    How do you get paid for racing?

    Can you write off racing expenses?

    What costs can OpenFender help me cover?

    How do I make my social media content stand out?