Frequently Asked Questions

  • What if my car is not on OpenFender?

    We created a base set of cars for you to choose from. Choose the car that most resembles the car you drive.

  • What if the area I have open for sponsorship is not on the car?

    We encourage drivers and teams to use the “Custom” Section for OpenFender. This can be used for things like - Helmets, Suits, Social media, streaming and anything else you can think of.

  • How does the date work while creating a campaign?

    While creating a campaign you have the option for “Apply Before Date” (try to keep this date two weeks before the campaign) Which is the date you need the money by, and “Campaign Starts” which is the date of your race weekend, or when the sponsors will start to see their sponsorship in use.

  • Do I have to enter my Social Media each campaign?

    No, under your profile you can enter your bio as well as social media accounts which will automatically connect to each campaign that you create.

  • What is OpenFender Boost?

    Boost is a way to directly and easily impact your favorite motorsports athlete with OpenFender. It is as easy as a few clicks to send over a boost to your favorite racer where you will be featured in a live feed.

  • How I receive my money from fans and Sponsors?

    We use your payment method of choice: Venmo, Cash app, Paypal, or We send a check. Digital is best, less cost.