Been there.
Won that.

We know what it takes to compete in racing—because we’re racers too. It takes desire. It takes skill. And it takes support. The great thing is, there are tons of fans and businesses ready to support you—they just needed an easy, secure way to do it. And that’s why we created OpenFender.


OpenFender is the first funding and sponsorship marketplace designed by racers specifically for racers. We’re bringing direct access to racers, fans and sponsors to help grow the sport we love

Whether you compete on two, three, or four wheels, or tracks and skis; whether you race on dirt, asphalt, or snow; whether you’re starting in karting or are a seasoned competitor looking for the next level, OpenFender is for you.

“I couldn’t just attach a tip jar to the hood of my car.”
— Mason Filippi. OpenFender founder


Meet Mason Filippi. Mason’s been running on fuel almost as long as he’s been walking. He was on his first motorcycle at three and a half and behind the wheel of a race car before he even had his driver’s license. While we can debate the parenting decisions of giving a near toddler a throttle and a motor, one thing is certain: Mason knows racing. He started in karting, advanced through Spec Miata and now has a full ride with Bryan Herta Autosport and Hyundai. When he’s not racing, he’s coaching others. And when he’s not racing or coaching, he’s finding ways to help racers get behind the wheel.

That’s why he created OpenFender. “OpenFender is the resource I wish I had while I was starting my racing career,” says Mason. “Racing can get expensive and even when I had the fans and sponsors to support me, getting enough money was tough. I couldn’t just attach a tip jar to the hood of my car.

Mason designed OpenFender to streamline the process of connecting fans and sponsors to racers and the motorsports market. “How terrible would it be if the next Lewis Hamilton or Ricky Carmichael or Earnhardt is out there but can’t even get into the pit lane because they’re missing the few bucks that a fan would be happy to give?” asks Mason. “By connecting racers, fans and sponsors, the sport grows and everybody wins.”