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Tatjana Ziemer

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Tati Ziemer has been a familiar face at Northern California motorsport events for several years. In 2018, she started driving her lifted Subaru outback sport with NorCal Rally Cross, and in 2020 she began track days with her 2007 Subaru WRX. Over the years she has attended over a 100 Sonoma Drift days, driven several track days, and spectated many other auto-sport events.

She is passionate about everything motorsports and has a growing YouTube channel and Instagram where she shares a variety of content including driving and working on karts at work, driver spotlights, track days, vlogs, mods, and more. In May 2021, Tati graduated from CSU Sacramento with her BA in Business Marketing.


I had no idea the journey I was about to embark on when I began working as a turn marshal at the infamous Sonoma Raceway in April 2021. I started the job during my final months at CSU, Sacramento where I was obtaining my BA in Business Marketing, and my hope was to work my way into a better position at the raceway while simultaneously building my own motorsports marketing business on the side.

A few months into my adventure at the track, I was pulled up to the go kart track to help with an event and fell in love with everything karting has to offer. At the end of October, I became the full-time track marshal and assistant mechanic for the Sonoma Karting center and racing school where I quickly learned all about the karting world.

One day in early October, Sonoma Raceway received an email from Formula Woman Racing about arranging an assessment for a couple of local woman who had applied to partake in the competition that ultimately lands four women from around the world a fully sponsored season in a McLaren GT4 for GT Cup in the UK.

I looked up Formula Woman and immediately applied. Soon after I was confirmed for an assessment on November 10th that included a written test, a media test, a fitness test, and of course, a driving test in a Tony Kart provided by Sonoma Raceway. This left me with just over a month to prepare and while I had driven my own WRX at track days, at this time I had only driven the school LO206 karts two times.

“OpenFender helped me exceed my fundraiser goals so I could travel to England and remain focused during the Formula Woman competition. This allowed me to concentrate on the tasks at hand which led me to the top 15 out of 1000 ladies.”
— Tatjana Ziemer

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