Engine Refresh & Rebuild
To race up front in motorsports, my engines need to be rebuilt & blueprinted for optimal performance. This is needed every 6-10 hours of run time.
$200 of $750
5 days left
Spec Suspension
Hi! I'm fundraising for assistance with getting suspension components (spec MX-5 shocks) purchased and installed. SUSPENSION: • PENSKE FRONT SHOCK (ONE OF TWO)** 0000-04-5291-SA $549 • PENSKE REAR SHOCK (ONE OF TWO)** 0000-04-5292-SA $549 • PENSKE REAR MOUNT KIT (BOTH) 0000-04-5358 $387 • FRONT MOUNT KIT (BOTH) 0000-04-5359 $444 • FRONT OFFSET BUSHING 0000-04-5407-NC $75 • EIBACH FRONT SPRINGS (ONE OF TWO) 0000-04-9700-08 $59 • EIBACH REAR SPRINGS (ONE OF TWO) 0000-04-9400-07 $59 • EIBACH HELPER SPRINGS (ONE OF FOUR) 0000-04-9926 $38 • EIBACH FRONT SWAY BAR 0000-04-5306-FT $169 • EIBACH REAR SWAY BAR 0000-04-5306-RR $149
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Lets add carbon
Hi All! I am boosting for a new carbon splitter and aero for my track car! As I am starting my Time Attack series in 2024 I want to add a front splitter to help with downforce
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a month left
2024 Season Fees
Hi! I'm racing KA100 Jr in 2024 - each of my 11 regional races costs about $1,000 in entry fees alone. Any help at all is huge for me to help reach my dreams! Thank you!
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7 months left
2024 Karting Season
Hi! I’m boosting to raise funds for my entry fees into races, as well as my kart maintenance, new tires, repairs and fuel. I love racing so anything that helps keep my behind the wheel is much appreciated!
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4 months left
Businesses and Brands interested in advertising their brand on a consistent high place racer at both national and international level.
Hello all, My name is Fion Shi. If there is anyone interested in promoting their brand or business through karting, this is the way to do it. I will run an Instagram campaign and make sure to have stickers and badges on my kart. I am consistently in the top ten out of around 50 average at national level. At international level, I have cracked 10th out of 78 drivers. I hope this is compelling. Please take deep thought in this. If you do not have any business or brand but would like to support me I have another campaign for just supporters. Thank you for your time, Fion
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3 years left
Mark Anderson Jr
Hi my name is Mark, I am boosting for tires for the 2024 season! for more information email or text me at Phone 612:807:7704 Email [email protected]
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Formula 4 entry fees
I am looking for money to help me on my motorsport journey into Formula 4
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2 months left
2024 Racing Season
For me, racing isn't just a passion; it's a lifelong dream that has fueled every stride in this quest. From the very moment I first laid eyes on a racetrack, the pursuit of a career in NASCAR became an unwavering mission. My journey to the racetrack has been one of relentless dedication, as I've tirelessly worked day and night to chase these dreams. Unlike many aspiring racers, I haven't been able to rely solely on sponsorship deals and endorsements to fund my racing career. Instead, I've poured heart and soul into chasing my dreams, balancing a demanding day job and countless side gigs to finance this pursuit of excellence on the track. Now, I'm inviting you to join me on this thrilling ride, to be part of something extraordinary, and to help me push the boundries of my racing career. Your support can make all the difference, propelling dedication towards even greater success and ensuring that the name "Zachary Mertes" becomes synonymous with victory in the world of NASCAR.
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2 months left
Hannah’s first year karting
This is my first year karting and expenses are high in karting and I would like to own my own kart next year and race competitively.
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2 months left
2024 Stars Championship Series
This campaign is to help cover my entry fees, competition license, and pit passes for all 4 races of this series.
$550 of $1950
5 days left
Burn Rubber!
Tires are one of the most expensive parts of racing. We strap on a new set every race weekend and at $220 per set it adds up quickly! Any amount of sponsorship helps me out so much!
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9 hours left
2024 Racing Season
Along with covering race fees for the 2024 Season, the boost funds will be utilized for updating his kart along with maintenance consumables like fuel, oil, tires etc. All help greatly appreciated to help this racer become the best he can be.
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9 months left
MG Tires
Tires are the largest expense we have and 1-2 new sets are required for each race weekend.
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5 days left
VP Racing Fuel
A new sealed 5 gallon can of VP racing fuel is required for every race weekend.
$100 of $120
5 days left