Shea's Racing Fund
Help us keep racing! We've moved up to the senior category early to continue the progression of race craft and to race against more skilled drivers. Last year we raced in the top 5 at nearly every regional and national event, winning in the SKUSA ProKart Challenge and leading many laps at the SKUSA ProTour. We need some support to continue this trend this year.
$900 of $15000
6 months left
2024 Season Fees
Hi! I'm racing KA100 Jr in 2024 - each of my 11 regional races costs about $1,000 in entry fees alone. Any help at all is huge for me to help reach my dreams! Thank you!
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4 months left
2024 Karting Season
Hi! I’m boosting to raise funds for my entry fees into races, as well as my kart maintenance, new tires, repairs and fuel. I love racing so anything that helps keep my behind the wheel is much appreciated!
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a month left
Businesses and Brands interested in advertising their brand on a consistent high place racer at both national and international level.
Hello all, My name is Fion Shi. If there is anyone interested in promoting their brand or business through karting, this is the way to do it. I will run an Instagram campaign and make sure to have stickers and badges on my kart. I am consistently in the top ten out of around 50 average at national level. At international level, I have cracked 10th out of 78 drivers. I hope this is compelling. Please take deep thought in this. If you do not have any business or brand but would like to support me I have another campaign for just supporters. Thank you for your time, Fion
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3 years left
Step 1
Hello to every sponsor out there! I need support to get a license, a car, equipment ect.
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6 months left
Tucker Gusler
Hi! I am boosting to help with race fees, tires and parts.
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2 months left
Ony Racing
Hi I need to pay for my karting career and travelling costs.
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21 days left
buy a car for track days
Hi im boosting so i can buy a car for track days.
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2 months left
Travel and Lodging
This will help with travel, food, and hotel costs.
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a month left
fees for my karting carrer
I´m boosting for pay the fees for my karting carrer
$0 of $4000
21 days left
My name is Riley and I am trying to raise money to help support me racing motocross
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7 months left
2024 Karting Season
Help me with my 2024 karting season
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5 months left
Nick Pauley
Hi I am boosting to get money for my karting entry fees , tires and gas
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2 months left
2024 Racing Season
Along with covering race fees for the 2024 Season, the boost funds will be utilized for updating his kart along with maintenance consumables like fuel, oil, tires etc. All help greatly appreciated to help this racer become the best he can be.
$920 of $1000
6 months left
Hi I’m Richard, I am trying to buy a K&N intake for my car
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6 months left