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I am fundraising to compete in a karting championship to race alongside my TCR campaign and hone my driving ability in-between events.
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Formula Woman finals
Tatjana Ziemer had no idea the journey she was about to embark on when she began working as a turn marshal at the infamous Sonoma Raceway in April 2021. She started the job during her final months at CSU, Sacramento where she was obtaining her BA in Business Marketing, and her hope was to work her way into a better position at the raceway while simultaneously building her own motorsports marketing business on the side. A few months into her adventure at the track, she was pulled up to the go kart track to help with an event and fell in love with everything karting has to offer. At the end of October, Tati became the full-time track marshal and assistant mechanic for the Sonoma Karting center and racing school where she quickly learned all about the karting world. One day in early October, Sonoma Raceway received an email from Formula Woman Racing about arranging an assessment for a couple of local woman who had applied to partake in the competition that ultimately lands four women from around the world a fully sponsored season in a McLaren GT4 for GT Cup in the UK. Tati looked up Formula Woman and immediately applied. Soon after she was confirmed for an assessment on November 10th that included a written test, a media test, a fitness test, and of course, a driving test in a Tony Kart provided by Sonoma Raceway. This left Tati with just over a month to prepare and while she had driven her own WRX at track days, at this time she had only driven the school LO206 karts two times. Under the watchful eye of Sonoma Karting centers own Diego Valverde (aka VRP Racing), Tati began training every day to prepare for the fast-approaching assessment. Her determination was obvious; from waking up at 4am to work out before her job, to driving any chance she was given, she began to make progress and her confidence grew. There were a total of three women that participated in the assessment at Sonoma Raceway but over 800 applicants that were being assessed all around the world. Only 50 girls would move on to the next round held in the UK in early 2022. The pressure was on Tati, especially since she had only driven a kart 11 times and a Tony Kart twice before the assessment, but this never phased her. November 10th came and went, and Tati left the assessment with an unshakeable gut feeling that she was going to move on; and she was right. On December 23rd, Tati and the other 49 women were notified that they had been selected as finalists and that the next round would be held in the UK March 2-3rd. It was at that point that she realized she couldn’t do this alone and needed help from the community. With the next round being under eight weeks away, Tati has stepped up her training even more, focusing on fitness, mental training, driving on her simulator, and of course, driving a kart and car at every given chance. She wants to show the UK what NorCal can do but needs any help she can get to pursue the ultimate goal of racing in Gt Cup while inspiring more women to chase their dreams. The costs of flights and lodging are quickly adding up and with 15 of finalists being asked to stay an additional week for the final shootout, Formula Woman is recommending everyone plans a two-week trip to the UK. Because of this, Tati is turning to OpenFender crowdfunding for help. She is looking to raise $5,000 to cover her trip. Every donor will receive a signed hero card from Tati in the mail (if you are comfortable sharing your address with her), as well as weekly updates about her training and the trip. Tati is determined to make the best out of the next round and would love for you to be a part of it!
Tatjana Ziemer
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