OpenFender Launches Industry Professional Accounts!





Jul 1, 2024

OpenFender Launches Industry Professional Accounts!

At OpenFender, we continually strive to support the racing community by offering tools and resources that cater to every facet of the sport. In keeping with this mission, we're thrilled to announce a new feature on our platform: Industry Professional Accounts. This exciting addition is designed to connect racers with the experts who keep them on the track and performing at their best.

What is OpenFender?

OpenFender is a platform tailored for racers, allowing them to create accounts and fundraising campaigns for various needs, such as new tires, travel expenses, and fees coverage. Additionally, racers can initiate sponsorship campaigns, giving companies and brands the opportunity to buy advertisement space and support their favorite athletes.

Introducing Industry Professional Accounts

The new Industry Professional account type is designed for individuals who work in the motorsports industry. This includes photographers, videographers, mechanics, instructors, artists, and anyone else whose services are crucial to the racing community. Here’s what this new feature brings to the table:

  • Promote Your Services: Industry professionals can create accounts to promote their services and provide contact information, making it easier for racers and teams to find the support they need.
  • Fundraising Opportunities: Just like racers, industry professionals can now use OpenFender to raise funds for their specific needs, such as acquiring new equipment or covering other professional expenses.
  • Dual Account Options: We understand that many members of the racing community wear multiple hats. With OpenFender, users can maintain both racer and professional accounts simultaneously. However, if you only need one type of account, you can easily turn off the other in the profile builder. This flexibility ensures that our platform caters to your specific needs without any unnecessary clutter.

How to Get Started

Getting started with an Industry Professional Account is easy. Simply log in to your OpenFender account and navigate to the profile builder. From there, you can set up your professional profile, start promoting your services, and launch your fundraising campaigns.

At OpenFender, we're committed to supporting every member of the racing community, from the racers themselves to the indispensable professionals who ensure every race is a success. We believe that by providing these new tools, we can help foster a stronger, more connected community where everyone can thrive.

Join us today and take advantage of the new Industry Professional Accounts to elevate your presence in the racing world!

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