Wyatt Smith: Winner of OpenFender's Sponsorship Campaign





Jan 11, 2024

Wyatt Smith: Winner of OpenFender's Sponsorship Campaign

Congratulations to Wyatt Smith, the winner of OpenFender's Sponsorship opportunity! Wyatt, a talented 14-year-old racer from Connecticut, has shown remarkable determination and skill in his racing journey thus far. We are excited to support him in taking his racing career to new heights!

Wyatt's passion for racing shines through his bio, where he shares his dreams of competing at the national level. Despite having local sponsors and a supportive family, Wyatt recognizes the need for additional assistance to fulfill his racing aspirations. With gratitude and enthusiasm, he hopes to represent your business in a positive way and is appreciative of any consideration.

Notable achievements include Wyatt's participation in NEKC (New England Karting Challenge) and Endurance Karting. In NEKC, he competed in four races this year across Vermont and New Hampshire, securing an impressive second-place finish in the points championship. Additionally, his team achieved an admirable third-place finish in class during a 24-hour race in Kershaw, South Carolina and a remarkable sixth-place overall and fourth-place in class at a six-hour race at Lime Rock Park.

OpenFender, the world's first motorsports-focused funding engagement platform, is honored to provide Wyatt with a sponsorship of $1,000. Through this opportunity, we aim to support passionate racers like Wyatt as they chase their dreams on the racetrack.

To be eligible for OpenFender's monthly sponsorship, racers are invited to utilize our platform to raise a minimum of $100 and tag their social media posts with @openfender and the designated hashtags. A minimum of five posts, including one post explaining why racers or sponsors should use OpenFender, is required for consideration.

We appreciate everyone's participation and dedication to the motorsports community. The next winner will be chosen and announced at the end of each month, allowing more racers to benefit from OpenFender's sponsorship.

Once again, congratulations to Wyatt Smith on becoming the winner of OpenFender's Sponsorship opportunity. We look forward to witnessing your continued success in racing and supporting your journey towards achieving your racing aspirations!

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