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Aug 14, 2023

Updated Header for Easier Navigation

We are thrilled to announce the latest release of our platform, packed with incredible updates aimed at making your experience as a user much more enriching and interactive. At OpenFender, we constantly strive to improve and innovate, and this update represents a significant milestone in our journey.

One of the highlights of our latest release is the revamped header, which now includes a brand-new feature: the "Platform" dropdown. This addition brings a range of valuable links right at your fingertips, creating a seamless navigation experience. Now, let's explore what each of these links has in store for you.

1.  About Us

Ever wondered about the story behind our platform and the visionary individual who founded it? The "About Us" section provides a comprehensive overview of our platform, shedding light on our mission, values, and the driving force behind it all, our esteemed founder, Mason Filippi.

2. Success Stories

If you're curious about the triumphs and accomplishments of racers who have utilized our platform, the "Success Stories" link is your gateway to inspiration. Discover firsthand accounts of fundraising campaigns that have achieved remarkable success, giving you invaluable insights and motivation for your own endeavours.

3. Sponsorship Opportunities

For racers seeking exciting new opportunities to engage with brands and showcase their skills, the "Sponsorship Opportunities" link is your go-to resource. Explore FundChaser, our revolutionary initiative designed to connect racers with both brands and fans. By joining the ongoing partner campaign, you can win incredible prizes while honing your ambassadorial abilities to secure sponsorships.

4. Specific Sponsorship

Looking to support a specific racer and gain unique exposure for your brand? The "Specific Sponsorship" section provides a curated list of ongoing specific sponsorships available on our platform. Choose a racer that aligns with your branding and promotional goals, and get the exclusive opportunity to have your advertisement featured on their equipment and vehicle.

5. Open Sponsorship

If you're passionate about racing and eager to contribute to a range of campaigns, the "Open Sponsorship" link is your ultimate destination. Here, you can explore all the active open sponsorships on our platform. Join forces with racers who are striving to achieve their goals, and make a meaningful impact on their journey.

6. Boost

Sometimes, a small gesture can make a significant difference. The "Boost" link lets you discover all active racers on our platform who need financial support. By providing them with a boost, you contribute to their progress and help them overcome obstacles on their path to success.

With these new features, we aim to empower racers, brands, and fans alike, creating an environment where collaboration and support thrive. Whether you are a racer pursuing your dreams, a brand looking to engage with a passionate audience, or a fan eager to make a difference, our updated platform has something exceptional to offer you.

We invite you to explore these exciting additions and take full advantage of the diversified opportunities available on OpenFender. Join us as we continue to revolutionize the racing world by fostering connections, driving success stories, and building a thriving community of enthusiasts.

Stay tuned for more updates, as we never stop working to bring you the best experience possible. Together, let's accelerate success on and off the track!

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