Tristan Cadet: Winner of OpenFender's Sponsorship Competition





Jun 12, 2024

Tristan Cadet: Winner of OpenFender's Sponsorship Competition

OpenFender, the world's first motorsports-focused funding engagement platform, is thrilled to announce the winner of its monthly sponsorship competition. This initiative, which offers $1,500 to a deserving racer, aims to promote and support motorsport enthusiasts by providing them with the necessary resources to achieve their racing goals.

Meet the Winner: Tristan Cadet

This month's winner is Tristan Cadet, a dedicated and disciplined racer with a compelling background and promising future in motorsports.

Tristan's Background

After serving six years in the NJ Army National Guard, Tristan Cadet has learned to stay disciplined and persevere through any obstacles that come his way. As a first-generation Haitian-American, he has high aspirations to race at a professional level. Although he has always been a motorsport fan, his passion for racing truly ignited after attending his first racing school. Since then, Tristan has been diligently preparing a Spec Miata and plans to compete in the SM class at both regional and national levels.

Fundraising Goals

Tristan is fundraising to gain valuable seat time, which he believes is crucial in motorsports. His primary objective is to participate in multiple regional races and eventually compete in SCCA major races, along with ChampCar and WRL events. He aims to benefit from racing at a higher level, not only for the potential to place well and win but also to gain invaluable experience.

Racing Plans for 2024

In 2024, Tristan plans to race in various Spec Miata events across the northeast, including New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. As the season progresses, he hopes to enhance his skills and experience, ultimately aiming to compete in multiple race series.

About the Competition

Each month, OpenFender offers a $1,500 sponsorship to one racer who demonstrates dedication and passion for motorsports. To be eligible for the sponsorship, participants must:

  • Use OpenFender to raise at least $200.
  • Tag their social media posts with @openfender and the relevant hashtags.
  • Make a minimum of five posts tagging OpenFender, with one post explaining why racers or sponsors should use OpenFender.


OpenFender is proud to support Tristan Cadet in his racing endeavors. His dedication, perseverance, and passion for motorsports make him a deserving recipient of this month's sponsorship. We look forward to seeing his progress and success on the racetrack.

Stay tuned for next month's announcement and continue to support your favorite racers on OpenFender!

For more information, visit OpenFender's website and follow us on social media @openfender.

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