Streamlining User Experience and Enhancing Visibility





Jul 28, 2023

Streamlining User Experience and Enhancing Visibility

In this latest update, the OpenFender team has focused on enhancing the view pages of the racer profiles, specific sponsorship campaigns, and open sponsorship campaigns. Let's explore the details of these updates and how they benefit our users.

Racer Profile Page: Improved Information Layout

To make the racer profile page more user-friendly, our development team has reorganized the layout, ensuring that all vital information is immediately visible. When users access a racer's profile, they will now find crucial details on the first screen. This includes the primary information about the racer, and their social media links. In addition, users will find a convenient sidebar on the right side of the screen, showcasing all available campaigns and the Boost card, simplifying the funding process. This streamlined design enables easier navigation and allows supporters to identify relevant sponsorship opportunities quickly.

Moreover, we have replaced an engaging carousel that displays pictures uploaded by the racer. This visually appealing feature enriches the user experience, providing a glimpse into their journey. Below the carousel, users can find essential information such as upcoming races, recent results, and the frequency and locations of the racer's competitions. By presenting all these details in a concise and user-friendly manner, we empower supporters to delve deeper into the racer's profile and make more informed sponsorship decisions.

Open Sponsorship Campaign Page: Clear and Concise Information

Our update to the open sponsorship campaign page focuses on providing users with clear and concise information. To achieve this, the primary details are now presented on the first screen when accessing a sponsorship campaign. This includes the fundraising goal, displayed alongside a progress bar to track the campaign's advancement. Users will also find action buttons enabling them to contribute funds and share the campaign with their networks. Additionally, a list of recent boosters showcases those who have already contributed, encouraging others to get involved.

Complementing the campaign information, the carousel of pictures continues to be prominently displayed, offering visual appeal and further insights into the racer and their journey. Below these essential elements, users can dive deeper into the campaign details and learn more about the racer. This restructured page ensures that supporters can quickly grasp the fundamentals of a sponsorship initiative while still having the option to explore further.

Specific Sponsorship Campaign Page: Optimized Visuals and Enhanced Accessibility

We have significantly improved the specific sponsorship campaign pages by reimagining the display of visual elements. The relocation of the picture slider now ensures that users are greeted with impactful, full-size images immediately upon opening the page. This enhancement captivates and engages visitors, providing an immersive visual experience.

Alongside the prominent pictures, we have incorporated a user-friendly carousel that seamlessly guides users through the campaign and racer details. This intuitive layout enables supporters to quickly discover and comprehend the essential aspects of the sponsorship initiative. Furthermore, users can now explore all the products available within a specific campaign directly on the same page. This seamless integration allows for a streamlined experience, avoiding unnecessary navigation and creating a convenient means for supporters to contribute by purchasing.

With our latest platform update, we have focused on enhancing the view pages of racer profiles, open sponsorship campaigns, and specific sponsorship campaigns. By reorganizing information, improving visuals, and streamlining the user experience, we aim to empower racers and their supporters. These updates not only provide a more transparent and engaging platform but also facilitate informed and efficient sponsorship decisions. We are committed to continuously improving our platform to ensure a seamless experience for all our users.

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