Streamlined Racer Profile Builder Enhances User Experience





Jul 28, 2023

Streamlined Racer Profile Builder Enhances User Experience

OpenFender, the famous racing community platform, recently released an exciting update to their racer profile builder. The development team took user feedback into account and made significant improvements to enhance user experience and streamline the process of creating and managing racer profiles. With this update, racers will find it easier than ever to showcase their racing prowess and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Previously, the racer profile builder consisted of seven separate tabs, each requiring racers to fill in specific information about themselves. While this allowed for detailed customization, the process felt somewhat fragmented and time-consuming. OpenFender took note of this, and in their latest update, they decided to merge related tabs, simplifying the workflow. As a result, racers now have access to a refined profile builder with just four tabs, designed to maximize efficiency and user-friendliness.

Let's delve into each of the updated tabs to understand how OpenFender has improved the racer profile builder:

Personal Tab

This tab serves as the foundation of the racer's profile. Here, racers can personalize their profile by adding a profile photo and managing their display name and birthday. Additionally, racers can create a profile slider by adding multiple pictures, providing a visual glimpse into their racing journey. Furthermore, racers can include links to their social media profiles, allowing racers seamlessly share their social media accounts with their fans. Finally, racers can manage their password settings to ensure the security of their account.

Racing Details Tab

With this tab, racers can now effectively communicate their racing expertise. They can specify their racing category, share information about the racetracks they frequently visit and illuminate what fuels their passion for racing. Also, racers can specify and inform viewers about their fundraising efforts and the causes they support. This way, racers can connect with like-minded individuals who share their charitable endeavours. Additionally, racers can provide detailed information about their vehicles, highlighting their unique specifications. Furthermore, racers can mention the teams they participate with, promoting camaraderie within the racing community.

Races & Results Tab

The third tab allows racers to record and display their racing accomplishments effortlessly. By leveraging this feature, racers can input information about upcoming races they plan to participate in, creating anticipation among their followers. Additionally, they can showcase their past race results, highlighting their achievements and milestones. This tab is a valuable tool for racers to keep their audience updated and engaged with their journey.

Payment Info Tab

This tab adds a practical dimension to the racer profile builder, empowering racers to connect and manage their Stripe accounts efficiently. By integrating with Stripe, OpenFender allows racers to receive the necessary funding to support their racing dreams. This update streamlines the process of setting up and controlling payment information, providing a hassle-free experience for racers.

Through this comprehensive update to the racer profile builder, OpenFender has demonstrated its commitment to improving user experience and fostering deeper connections within the racing community. The streamlined and intuitive nature of the new tabs ensures that racers can effortlessly build and manage their profiles, effectively showcasing their skills, achievements, and aspirations.

As racers update their profiles on OpenFender, the platform becomes an even more vibrant hub for racing enthusiasts, fostering camaraderie and inspiring collaborations among the community. With this improved profile builder, OpenFender solidifies its reputation as the go-to platform for racers looking to showcase their passion, connect with like-minded individuals, and further their racing ambitions.

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