Sector One Oil Sponsorship Opportunity Empowers Racers to Reach New Heights





Sep 14, 2023

Sector One Oil Sponsorship Opportunity Empowers Racers to Reach New Heights

Passionate racers looking to elevate their game and gain support from top-tier brands now have an incredible opportunity with OpenFender's latest sponsorship campaign. Prepare to race confidently and optimize your kart's performance with the Sector One Oil sponsorship. This monthly opportunity ensures racers receive a supply of high-quality oil and lubricants to power their 4-stroke karting needs. With Sector One Oil as a partner, racers can expect exceptional support on their journey to victory.

Sector One Oil's Monthly Sponsorship:

Picture yourself racing with a well-lubricated engine, knowing your vehicle is operating at its peak. Thanks to Sector One Oil, this dream can become a reality. As a leading industry name, Sector One Oil has teamed up with OpenFender to provide dedicated racers with a complete monthly kit of high-quality oil and lubricants. This sponsorship opportunity is suitable for experienced racers and rising stars, empowering them to succeed.

Qualifying for the Sector One Oil sponsorship is a simple process. Follow these steps to secure your chance at receiving a monthly supply of top-notch oil and lubricants:

1. Activate Your OpenFender Profile:

If you're not already a part of the OpenFender community, now is the perfect time to join. Create an active OpenFender profile to showcase your racing achievements, skills, and personality.

2. Raise $100 on OpenFender:

Engage with the OpenFender platform and raise a minimum of $100 within the sponsorship competition period. Use this opportunity to connect with fellow racers, fans, and potential sponsors while demonstrating your dedication and commitment.

3. Tag and Promote:

Choose Sector One Oil as your preferred brand for sponsorship. Tag @openfender and @sectoroneoil on social media posts related to your racing journey. Utilize campaign hashtags such as #releasethepower, #madeinusa, and #sectoroneoil to maximize engagement and highlight your association with these brands.

Win Big with Sector One Oil:

The Sector One Oil sponsorship campaign provides valuable supplies for your racing needs and offers opportunities for recognition, skill development as an ambassador, and stronger connections within the racing community. Expert judges carefully select winners at the end of each month, presenting fresh possibilities and a new chance for racers to join the winners' circle.

The Countdown Begins:

Racers should note that OpenFender's Sector One Oil sponsorship opportunity is in full swing and will conclude on October 15th. Don't let this incredible chance slip away. Activate your OpenFender profile, engage with your fans, and raise $100 to pave your way toward securing Sector One Oil's monthly sponsorship.

Remember, it's not solely about the prize — it's about the camaraderie, recognition, and the thrill of competing amongst the best in the racing world. Partner with OpenFender and Sector One Oil to unleash the power within you and propel your racing career to new heights.

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