Race Sponsorship: Your Brand's Winning Move

Thom Piper


Thom Piper


Feb 1, 2024

Race Sponsorship: Your Brand's Winning Move

Do you ever envision your company's logo gracing the winners' podium of thrilling races? The roar of engines, the exhilarating speed, and the sheer determination of racers – all tied to your brand. It's not just a dream; it's an opportunity waiting for you to seize. Welcome to the world of racing sponsorships, where your brand takes the lead, and your business accelerates towards new horizons. From dirt track racing to road racing, from go-karts to race cars, OpenFender provides you with the avenue to become a sponsor and relish the remarkable advantages it brings.

The Benefits of Being a Race Car Sponsor

Sponsoring racers isn't just about slapping your logo on a vehicle; it's about becoming an integral part of a passionate community. Here's why you should consider becoming a sponsor for these racing dynamos:

Extend Your Business's Reach

Imagine your logo zooming past the finish line, reaching audiences far and wide. Race car sponsorships provide a unique branding opportunity, giving your business exposure that's hard to replicate.

Tap into a Loyal Fanbase

Racing fans are famously devoted to their sport and the participants. By sponsoring a racer, you tap into this fervent fanbase, gaining brand loyalty and dedicated followers.

Rev Up New Marketing Avenues

A race car sponsorship isn't confined to the track. It's an avenue to explore new marketing and PR strategies, connecting your brand with a dynamic and engaging platform.

Support Local Athletes

Sponsoring racers showcases your commitment to local talent and athleticism. It's a testament to your dedication to your community and its aspirations.

Create company comradery

Becoming a sponsor offers the unique opportunity to unite your team in enthusiastic support and competition, right from the pit wall at the racetrack. This is a one-of-a-kind experience that allows you to be intimately involved with motorsports, creating a team bonding day unlike any other.  

How to Become a Sponsor: Your Roadmap to Victory

The path to becoming a sponsor is as exhilarating as the races themselves. OpenFender makes it easy to get your brand on the fast track:

Sign Up

Begin by signing up on the OpenFender platform – it's free! Once you're on board, you can dive into the world of race car sponsorships.

Find Your Driver

Explore a diverse community of racers from all corners of the country. Whether you want to support local heroes or racers on specific circuits, you'll find the perfect fit for your brand.

Choose Your Sponsorship Locations

For each racer, you'll have a clear view of available sponsorship locations. Lock in your spots by adding them to your cart and completing the checkout process.

Amplify Your Support

Follow the racers you sponsor through their social media links on OpenFender. You can help generate excitement for upcoming races, showcase your unwavering support, and celebrate your sponsored drivers' podium wins.

Your Race to Sponsorship Begins Here

Have you already identified a racer you're a fan of? Are you eager to support local talent? Or perhaps you're on the lookout for an underdog in need of a boost? Look no further – OpenFender is your gateway to discovering these racing gems.

When They Triumph, You Triumph

At OpenFender, it's not just about the sponsorship; it's about being part of the action. Whether your brand resonates globally or has a local focus, OpenFender enables you to engage with racers and the racing enthusiast community in meaningful ways. Through direct sponsorships or the innovative FundChaser program, where racers compete based on fan engagement and social outreach, you have the power to make a difference.

Get ready to connect with the racing universe, forge bonds with your racing customer community, and find the perfect brand ambassadors through OpenFender.

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