OpenFender's Monthly $1,000 Sponsorship Opportunity





Aug 8, 2023

OpenFender's Monthly $1,000 Sponsorship Opportunity

Looking to shift your racing career into high gear? OpenFender has just unveiled an opportunity that might be your ticket to the fast lane – a monthly sponsorship worth $1,000. This isn't just another pit stop; it's a chance to supercharge your journey with tangible support. OpenFender's sponsorship campaign is here to offer real financial backing, allowing you to focus on what you do best: racing. Let's dive into the details and explore how this sponsorship can help you power ahead on the track.

Introducing FundChaser

OpenFender, the trailblazing platform at the intersection of motorsports and funding, is excited to unveil its latest initiative, FundChaser. This innovative approach not only connects racers with enthusiastic brands but also sharpens their ambassadorial skills and showcases their ability to captivate supporters, all while striving for the ultimate prize – winning sponsorships.

How to Enter the OpenFender Sponsorship Campaign

OpenFender also introduces a monthly sponsorship campaign that could transform your racing journey. Every month, OpenFender is sponsoring racers with a generous $1,000 to amplify the buzz around the world's first motorsports-focused funding engagement platform.

Participating in the campaign is as straightforward as burning rubber on the track. To take your first steps towards potential sponsorship glory, you need to follow the steps below:

1. Active OpenFender Profile

If you haven't yet set up your OpenFender profile, there's no better time than now. If you do - ensure your OpenFender profile is up-to-date and reflects your racing journey accurately. This is your digital pit stop, where brands and fans will learn about your racing accomplishments and aspirations. 

2. Raise $100 on OpenFender

Engage with the OpenFender platform and raise a minimum of $100 during the sponsorship competition. This not only demonstrates your commitment but also showcases your ability to mobilize your fanbase.

3. Tag and Promote Brands

Supercharge your social media presence by tagging @openfender and using the designated hashtags: #fundingperformance and #openfendersponsorship. This ensures you're in the running for the sponsorship prize.

The Checkered Flag: Winning and Beyond

At the finish line of each month, winners will be selected and announced. The chosen racers will not only receive the coveted sponsorship of $1,000 but also gain visibility, recognition, and the invaluable opportunity to grow their fanbase and brand partnerships.

Remember, FundChaser is your ticket to showcasing your skills, engaging with fans, and connecting with brands that share your passion for motorsports. OpenFender's Sponsorship Campaign adds turbocharged fuel to your racing aspirations, allowing you to blaze a trail toward success.

So, rev your engines, rally your supporters, and dive into the world of motorsports funding and sponsorships with OpenFender. The road to victory starts here!

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