OpenFender x Laced Belt Co Sponsorship Awaits





Aug 1, 2023

OpenFender x Laced Belt Co Sponsorship Awaits

Attention all racers, and speed enthusiasts - an electrifying opportunity is revving its engines and beckoning you to the forefront of the racing scene. If you've ever dreamt of partnering with a brand that resonates with your racing spirit and sets your ambitions on fire, then hold onto your helmets because OpenFender has an announcement that will leave you in awe. We're excited to unveil a sponsorship opportunity that's the result of a dynamic collaboration between OpenFender and Laced Belt Co, a brand that's not just born from racers, but designed for them.

Introducing Laced Belt Co: Racing Heritage Meets Lifestyle Appeal

At Laced Belt Co, the story began with a simple yet innovative concept - a shoelace belt designed to withstand the rigors of action sports. But what started as a functional accessory soon evolved into a full-fledged lifestyle brand, catering to the discerning tastes of racers across the nation. With a product range that spans over 30 distinct colorways, Laced Belt Co's original shoelace belt remains a cherished staple.

Today, Laced Belt Co has grown far beyond its modest origins. The brand now boasts an impressive collection of streetwear and action sports-related merchandise, all meticulously designed to meet the exacting standards of athletes who live and breathe the racing lifestyle. With a commitment to quality and a deep-rooted passion for racing, Laced Belt Co has become a name synonymous with authenticity and excellence.

Unlock the Benefits of Laced Belt Co Sponsorship

As part of unwavering commitment to support the racing community, Laced Belt Co provides a full-ride-laced sponsorship that has the potential to transform your off-track presence and propel your racing career to new heights.

The winner of this Laced sponsorship will enjoy a host of benefits that are set to turbocharge their racing career:

  • Full Ride Laced Sponsorship: Get ready to be adorned in the finest Laced gear, meticulously designed to elevate your off-track appearance at races.
  • Exclusive Laced Cru Logo: As a Laced athlete, you'll have the privilege of showcasing the exclusive Laced Cru logo on your gear. This emblem is a mark of distinction, a symbol of your commitment to excellence.
  • Hat Patch: Your victory will be sealed with a hat patch bearing the Laced Cru logo. This emblem, affixed to the bill of your hat, is a testament to your journey as a Laced athlete.

Ready to Accelerate? Here's How:

1. Register

Register for the Laced Belt Co sponsorship on OpenFender's FundChaser platform.

2. Raise Funds

Engage with the FundChaser platform, raise a minimum of $100 over the next month, and showcase your passion for racing.

3. Tag and Promote

Express your enthusiasm by tagging on your social media posts and using the hashtags #LacedCru & #OpenFender

The Finish Line: Apply Today!

Don't miss the chance to be part of something extraordinary. If you're a racer with the heart of a champion and a burning desire to take your racing journey to new horizons, this Laced Belt Co sponsorship opportunity on OpenFender's FundChaser platform is your ultimate pit stop.

Remember, the recipient of this prestigious sponsorship will be revealed on August 30th. Start your engines, gear up, and get ready to roar into the spotlight with Laced Belt Co and OpenFender. It's time to redefine racing excellence.

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