OpenFender Sponsors Aspiring Racer Alexandro Vielma, Paving the Way for Others





Apr 23, 2024

OpenFender Sponsors Aspiring Racer Alexandro Vielma, Paving the Way for Others

OpenFender is excited to announce Californian Alexandro Vielma as the recipient of its latest motorsport sponsorship. Vielma's journey from sim racing to the professional tracks, supported by a $1,000 award from OpenFender, highlights the platform's commitment to nurturing emerging talents in motorsports.

Drawing from his Latino heritage and athletic background, Vielma exemplifies perseverance and dedication. His involvement with platforms like OpenFender and others has helped him navigate financial and opportunity barriers within the racing world.

Beyond personal success, Vielma aims to inspire his community to pursue their dreams despite societal barriers. His story aligns with OpenFender's mission to support passionate racers and expand the motorsport community.

How to Win OpenFender’s Sponsorship

For those inspired to follow in Vielma’s footsteps, participating in OpenFender’s sponsorship opportunity is straightforward:

  • Raise Funds: Use OpenFender to raise at least $100 for your racing endeavors, demonstrating your initiative and capability.
  • Social Media Engagement: Create at least five posts tagging OpenFender. Include at least one post explaining the benefits of using OpenFender for racers and sponsors, helping to spread the word about the platform.
  • Tag and Hashtag: Make sure your posts feature @openfender and relevant hashtags to increase visibility and engagement.

Winners are chosen monthly, providing regular opportunities for racers to receive support and recognition. By taking these steps, participants can not only seek sponsorship but also join a vibrant community of motorsport enthusiasts and professionals.

Start your journey with OpenFender today and drive towards making your racing dreams a reality.

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