OpenFender Platform Update: Streamlined Search and Enhanced Comment Management





Jun 8, 2023

OpenFender Platform Update: Streamlined Search and Enhanced Comment Management

OpenFender, the popular platform for connecting racers with sponsors, has rolled out a significant update, introducing several exciting new features. With this update, OpenFender aims to enhance user experience and improve functionality to serve the racing community better.

Global search

One notable addition to this update is the Global Search feature. Now, users can seamlessly search for racers, open sponsorships, and specific sponsorship campaigns using the search bar located at the top of every page. This enhancement makes it easier than ever before to find the information and opportunities users are looking for, all in one place.

Boost comments management 

In addition to Global Search, OpenFender has also introduced the ability for racers to manage comments more effectively. With the new hide-and-show functionality, racers now have control over whether or not they wish to display details of comments left by users. This level of customization enables racers to maintain the level of privacy they desire while still acknowledging the support they receive from the community.

OpenFender continues to prioritize innovation and providing a platform that meets the needs of both racers and sponsors. With these latest updates, racers can take full advantage of the platform's features while maintaining control over their online presence. As OpenFender evolves, it remains committed to empowering racers and sponsors, fostering connections, and driving the racing community forward.

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