OpenFender Launches $1,000 Sponsorship Opportunity to Fuel Racers' Dreams





Sep 14, 2023

OpenFender Launches $1,000 Sponsorship Opportunity to Fuel Racers' Dreams

OpenFender, the pioneering platform at the intersection of motorsports and funding, offers racers the chance to accelerate their careers with a monthly sponsorship worth $1,000. This unique opportunity, unveiled under the FundChaser initiative, aims to provide tangible support for racers while showcasing their abilities as racing ambassadors. By participating in the OpenFender Sponsorship Campaign, racers can power ahead on the track with financial backing, increased visibility, and new brand partnerships.

How to Enter the OpenFender Sponsorship Campaign:

Participating in the OpenFender Sponsorship Campaign is a straightforward process that can potentially transform the racing journey of aspiring champions. The following steps outline how racers can qualify for this exciting opportunity:

1. Active OpenFender Profile:

Racers are encouraged to create or update their OpenFender profiles. This digital pit stop is a platform for brands and fans to learn about racers' accomplishments and aspirations within the motorsports community.

2. Raise $100 on OpenFender:

Engagement on the OpenFender platform is crucial. Racers need to generate a minimum of $100 during the sponsorship competition to showcase their dedication and ability to mobilize their fanbase.

3. Tag and Promote Brands:

To maximize their chances of winning the sponsorship prize, racers must amplify their social media presence. By tagging @openfender and using the designated hashtags #fundingperformance and #openfendersponsorship, racers can demonstrate their commitment and potentially capture the attention of brands.

On October 31st, OpenFender will select and announce the winners. The chosen racers will receive the coveted sponsorship of $1,000 and gain valuable visibility, recognition, and the opportunity to expand their fanbase and secure lucrative brand partnerships. FundChaser is a gateway for racers to showcase their skills, engage with fans, and connect with brands that share their passion for motorsports.

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