Melia Hernandez, the Winner of the Sector One Oil Sponsorship





Oct 30, 2023

Melia Hernandez, the Winner of the Sector One Oil Sponsorship

OpenFender has been at the forefront of revolutionizing motorsports sponsorships, connecting racers with their passionate fans while providing exciting opportunities for both parties. In our pursuit of redefining the sponsorship landscape, we are delighted to highlight a remarkable racer who successfully secured sponsorship through our innovative FundChaser program – Melia Hernandez.

Melia Hernandez: A Passionate Motorsports Enthusiast

Meet Melia Hernandez, a genuine automobile and motorsports enthusiast whose love for racing is at the core of her journey. She's not your typical racer; she's a bona fide automotive hobbyist who lives and breathes everything about cars, from tinkering with them to attending car shows and immersing herself in the thrilling world of racing. Some of her most cherished memories revolve around the NASCAR Cup Series and NHRA Nationals in sunny Sonoma, California.

These days, Melia's focus is squarely on her club racing season at the All Star Karting track, nestled in the heart of Prairie City. Nevertheless, she has her eyes set on an exciting adventure in the 5-race IKF Northern California Sprint Kart Series. This series is no walk in the park; it'll take her to tracks scattered across the vast western United States. Think Medford, Oregon, and Buttonwillow Raceway near Bakersfield, California. That's the kind of dedication and determination it takes to chase your racing dreams.

Sector One Oil's Sponsorship Opportunity

OpenFender's FundChaser program brings racers like Melia closer to their dreams by connecting them with supportive brands. In Melia's case, her hard work and dedication paid off when she won sponsorship from Sector One Oil. As a monthly sponsor, Sector One Oil provides racers with a complete kit of oil and lubricants designed to meet all their 4-stroke karting needs. This support is invaluable in helping racers like Melia cover some of the expenses associated with their racing endeavors, ensuring they can focus on their passion without financial constraints.

As Melia gears up for her club racing season and the challenging IKF Northern California Sprint Kart Series, we can't help but be excited to see her shine on the track. OpenFender is proud to support individuals like Melia who are the future of motorsports and continue to be the bridge that connects racers, brands, and fans, making motorsports more accessible and rewarding for all involved. We wish Melia the best of luck in her upcoming races, and we look forward to sharing more stories of success from our passionate racing community.

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