Introducing You The Streamlined Sponsorship Process and Google Account Integration





Nov 1, 2023

Introducing You The Streamlined Sponsorship Process and Google Account Integration

OpenFender, the leading platform connecting sponsors with racers, has rolled out significant updates aimed at enhancing the sponsorship experience. With a simplified sponsorship process and the introduction of Google account integration, OpenFender is making it easier than ever for businesses to support their favorite racers and advertise their brands. Additionally, OpenFender aficionados can look forward to the upcoming launch of an exciting merch shop, offering a variety of OpenFender branded items. Let's dive into the details of these exciting updates!

Enhanced Sponsorship Experience

OpenFender understands the importance of seamless interactions when it comes to becoming a sponsor. With the latest platform update, the process has been simplified, eliminating the need to create an account on the platform. Now, businesses can purchase space on a racer's vehicle or uniform effortlessly by directly selecting the desired items, adding them to the cart, confirming their email address, and completing the payment.

Once the transaction is complete, the racer will personally reach out to sponsors to gather details about their business, logo, and product information. This personalized approach ensures that sponsors can effectively showcase their brand while supporting their chosen racers. Of course, for those who prefer a more comprehensive experience, creating an account and utilizing the existing sponsor features is still an option.

Improved Product Accessibility

In tandem with the simplified sponsorship process, OpenFender has also enhanced the user-friendliness of its platform. Sponsors now have access to a list of all available products, allowing them to gather information more efficiently. The new layout ensures that sponsors have a comprehensive overview of the various branding opportunities to make informed decisions that align with their marketing strategies and budgets. OpenFender is committed to providing an experience that is both convenient and conducive to success.

Google Account Integration

To further enhance user convenience, OpenFender has introduced Google account integration. Users can now sign up for or log in to OpenFender using their Google accounts. This streamlined method eliminates the hassle of creating yet another account and enables users to access OpenFender using their existing Google login credentials. By embracing a familiar authentication process, OpenFender ensures a smooth onboarding experience for both rookies and seasoned users of the platform.

Upcoming OpenFender Merch Shop

OpenFender understands the enthusiasm and support of its user base and is excited to announce the forthcoming launch of its official merch shop. OpenFender enthusiasts will be able to purchase and order a range of OpenFender branded items, allowing them to show their support both on and off the race track. The initial offering will include trendy hats and sticker packs, with more exciting products planned for the future. Stay tuned for the official announcement, as the shop prepares to open its virtual doors!

With the recent updates on the OpenFender platform, sponsoring racers and accessing available branding opportunities has never been easier. The simplified sponsorship process eliminates the need for an account while still offering a personalized approach for businesses to display their logos and products. Enhancements to the platform's user interface allow sponsors to explore available products effortlessly. Additionally, users can now sign up or log in using their Google accounts, providing a seamless experience from the moment they start supporting their favorite racers. Excitement continues to build with the imminent launch of the OpenFender merch shop, giving fans yet another way to proudly display their affiliation with the platform. OpenFender remains dedicated to delivering an unparalleled sponsorship experience, empowering businesses and racers alike.

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