How to find your next racing sponsor in 3 steps

Mason Filippi


Mason Filippi


Jan 25, 2024

How to find your next racing sponsor in 3 steps

Sponsorship campaigns have become a vital avenue for motorsport athletes to fuel their careers, gain exposure, and secure the resources needed to compete at the highest levels. OpenFender, a platform dedicated to empowering motorsport athletes, has recently overhauled its sponsorship campaign feature, making it even more accessible and versatile. In this blog post, we will explore how motorsport athletes can effectively utilize OpenFender's sponsorship campaign feature to secure valuable sponsorships and propel their careers forward.

1. Diverse Price Points for Sponsors

In the world of motorsport, attracting sponsors at varying levels of financial capacity is crucial. OpenFender's sponsorship campaign feature allows you to cater to a wide range of potential sponsors by offering diverse price points.

Begin by creating a lower-tier sponsorship option that provides sponsors with entry-level perks. For example, you could offer sponsors branding on your vehicle or equipment, a shoutout on your social media channels, or access to exclusive behind-the-scenes content. Starting at a lower price point increases the chances of attracting smaller businesses or individual sponsors.

As sponsors witness the impact of their support and the value you provide, they may be more inclined to scale up their investment in your campaign, allowing you to reach higher levels of competition and exposure.

2. Unleash Creativity in the Custom Section

OpenFender's custom section is a playground for creativity where you can design unique and enticing perks for your sponsors. Let your imagination run wild and think outside the box.

Consider these creative ideas for your custom section:

  • Pit Crew Experience: Offer sponsors the chance to join your pit crew for a race, providing them with an up-close and hands-on motorsport experience.
  • Social Media Blitz: Collaborate with sponsors on engaging social media campaigns, such as live race-day coverage, interactive contests, and behind-the-scenes video series.
  • Exclusive Merchandise: Design and offer exclusive merchandise like team hats, jackets, or even customized car decals featuring your sponsor's branding.
  • Exclusive Track Days: Provide sponsors with exclusive access to track days or test drives, allowing them to feel the adrenaline rush of motorsport firsthand.
  • Driver Development Program: Create a tier that offers potential sponsors an opportunity to support your training and development as a driver.

3. Include a Variety of Perks

To maximize the appeal of your sponsorship campaign, aim to include at least seven distinct items or perks for sponsors to choose from. This diverse selection ensures that sponsors can find options that align with their interests and financial capabilities.

For instance, your campaign tiers might include:

  • Bronze Tier: Logo placement on your vehicle, social media shoutouts, and access to behind-the-scenes content.
  • Silver Tier: Exclusive merchandise, sponsor branding on your race gear, and invitations to team events.
  • Gold Tier: VIP access to race weekends, personalized pit crew experiences, and collaborative content creation.
  • Platinum Tier: Co-branded content, exclusive sponsor-hosted events, and primary vehicle sponsorship.

By offering a wide range of choices, sponsors can select the package that best suits their goals, whether they seek brand exposure, immersive experiences, or unique content collaborations.


OpenFender's sponsorship campaign feature is a powerful tool for motorsport athletes looking to secure sponsorships, advance their careers, and gain valuable resources for their competitions. By providing diverse sponsorship levels, unleashing your creativity in the custom section, and offering an array of perks, you can craft compelling campaigns that attract sponsors with varying interests and budgets.

Remember that successful sponsorships are built on trust and mutual benefit. Deliver on your promises, provide value to your sponsors, and nurture these partnerships over time. As you engage with sponsors and offer memorable experiences, you'll not only secure their support but also forge enduring connections that contribute to your success as a motorsport athlete. So, embrace OpenFender's sponsorship campaign feature, ignite your motorsport career, and race towards victory with the backing of enthusiastic sponsors.

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