FundChaser: Connect with Brands and Win Exciting Sponsorships with OpenFender





Jul 10, 2023

FundChaser: Connect with Brands and Win Exciting Sponsorships with OpenFender

We are thrilled to announce an incredible new feature that will revolutionize how racers connect with brands and win sponsorships – FundChaser. OpenFender is determined to empower our racing community by providing exclusive opportunities to showcase their talents, engage with fans, and secure sponsorship deals like never before.

OpenFender is an innovative platform that allows racers to harness their ambassador skills and demonstrate their ability to engage supporters. We have partnered with many trusted brands to offer you fantastic sponsorship opportunities that align with your racing goals and aspirations.

Participating in FundChaser is as easy as putting the pedal to the metal! Here's how you can get involved:

1. Have an active OpenFender Profile: Ensure that your OpenFender profile is up-to-date and showcases your racing achievements. This will be the hub where brands and fans will connect with you.

2. Raise $100 on the OpenFender platform during the sponsorship competition: By actively participating in races and engaging with the OpenFender community, you'll be making progress towards reaching this fundraising goal.

3. Tag and promote your desired sponsor brands: Choose the brands below that you want to be sponsored by and think will be the perfect fit for your racing journey. Tag them in your posts and showcase your support for them in creative and engaging ways.

FundChaser is not your typical sweepstakes, but a competition and audition for a sponsorship. We want you to be actively involved in sharing and promoting the brands that resonate with you. Be bold, be creative, and let your passion for racing shine through. Use tags, pictures, graphics, stories, shoutouts, or videos to captivate the attention of the brands and showcase your dedication to their products. Every effort you make counts toward securing a sponsorship deal. The brands will carefully evaluate each participant based on engagement and effort. Showcase your ability to connect with fans and leave a lasting impression on the brands you want to work with. Highlight their products, showcase previous successes, and demonstrate why you'd make a fantastic brand ambassador for them.

With FundChaser, you can elevate your racing career by forming meaningful partnerships with influential brands who share your passion. By winning sponsorships through this unique competition, you will gain exclusive offers on a range of services provided by our esteemed partners. So, racers, gear up and get ready to chase those funds! FundChaser is here, ready to propel your racing dreams forward. Start engaging, start promoting, and let your sponsorship journey begin. Remember, it's not just about the prize; it's about the passion and effort you put into it. We believe in your talent and dedication and look forward to witnessing the fantastic sponsorships that will come out of FundChaser. Stay updated on OpenFender's social media channels and our website for more information, updates, and exciting announcements regarding FundChaser. Start revving those engines and get racing towards the opportunity of a lifetime!

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