Cadence Presley Secures Winding Road Sponsorship





Aug 8, 2023

Cadence Presley Secures Winding Road Sponsorship

At OpenFender, we're not just a platform for racing enthusiasts; we're a community that fosters growth, connects talents, and fuels dreams. We're thrilled to introduce FundChaser, a groundbreaking initiative that opens doors for racers to forge connections with brands, showcase their ambassadorial skills, and prove their prowess in engaging supporters to secure sponsorships. Today, we're excited to share the inspiring success story of Cadence Presley, a 13-year-old racing prodigy, who emerged victorious in the "Winding Road Sponsorship" competition.

Cadence Presley: More Than Just a Racer

Cadence Presley is a 13-year-old racing driver, both in the real world and in esports, an actor, YouTube creator, and social media influencer, Cadence's journey is an awe-inspiring blend of passion, dedication, and determination.

Cadence's racing calendar is a testament to his dedication. With a typical Colorado season comprising 8 to 9 races, he has strived to make his mark on half of those events every year, self-funding his participation. However, his aspirations stretch beyond local circuits. He has his sights set on the grand stage, aiming to conquer the Las Vegas international races, including the Rok Vegas and SKUSA Supernationals.

For 2023, Cadence's primary objective is clear: to compete in the full Stars Championship Series season, a rigorous lineup of 4 races that promises to test his mettle against the best in the business.

Cadence's dedication caught the attention of Winding Road Racing, a brand synonymous with supporting racers on their journey to success. In a testament to their commitment to fostering talent, Winding Road Racing chose Cadence Presley to provide a remarkable sponsorship opportunity worth $1,000. This opportunity not only provides Cadence with essential financial backing but also sets the stage for him to promote the Winding Road Racing brand.

Winding Road Racing is more than a supplier; they are racers themselves, offering an array of essentials ranging from helmets and safety apparel to data systems and performance parts. Their commitment to helping drivers and teams go faster and safer aligns seamlessly with Cadence's pursuit of excellence.

Embracing the Future: A Shining Example

Cadence Presley's journey encapsulates the essence of OpenFender's vision: a place where passion and potential meet opportunity. His determination, supported by the innovative OpenFender`s FundChaser initiative, has brought him not only the sponsorship he deserves but also a platform to showcase his talent and inspire others.

As we continue to witness racers like Cadence rise, fueled by passion and guided by ambition, OpenFender remains committed to fostering a community that celebrates achievement, enables dreams, and propels champions onto the world stage. Join us in cheering for Cadence as he embarks on this exciting chapter of his racing journey, and stay tuned for more stories of triumph and tenacity from the OpenFender community.

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