Anthony Belgiovene: Winner of Openfender's Sponsorship Campaign





Mar 4, 2024

Anthony Belgiovene: Winner of Openfender's Sponsorship Campaign

We are thrilled to announce that Anthony Belgiovene from Rock Hill, NY, is the well-deserved winner of OpenFender's Sponsorship opportunity! 🎉

Meet Anthony Belgiovene

🏎️ Bio: At just 17 years old, Anthony has been racing competitively in Open 206 for four years now. His passion for motorsports ignited with NASCAR and flourished with karting, leading to remarkable achievements and a fervent dedication to the sport.

🏆 Achievements: With a standout performance in his first season, Anthony secured 12 podium finishes, including a remarkable win in CKNA. His exhilarating journey culminated in a commendable P8 finish at his first national race in Daytona KartWeek.

Fundraising for CKNA Spring Nationals

🌟 Anthony is currently raising funds for the upcoming CKNA Spring Nationals, where he will be competing in the Senior Medium category against 80 talented drivers. Your generous contributions will support his journey with essentials like tires, fuel, entry fees, travel, and maintenance.

Where to Watch Anthony Race

🏁 Catch Anthony in action at Oakland Valley Race Park, LaFayette Motorsports Park, New Jersey Motorsports Park, and the iconic Daytona International Speedway during Daytona KartWeek. Racing 2-3 times monthly while dedicating hours to weekly practice sessions, Anthony's commitment and drive shine through on the track.

About OpenFender Sponsorship

💰 OpenFender is proud to empower racers like Anthony by sponsoring them with $1,000 monthly to fuel their dreams. Join us in supporting the next generation of motorsports talent and foster a community of passionate racers.

🔗 Eligibility: To be eligible for OpenFender Sponsorship, kindly follow the instructions provided on our website and engage with the platform. Remember to use the specified hashtags and tag @openfender in your social media posts to maximize visibility.

Let's rally behind Anthony Belgiovene as he gears up for the CKNA Spring Nationals! 🚗💨 #OpenFender #RacingPassion #MotorsportLove #SupportYoungTalent 🏆

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