Announcing the Results of the Laced Belt Sponsorship Opportunity





Sep 6, 2023

Announcing the Results of the Laced Belt Sponsorship Opportunity

We are thrilled to unveil the winner of the highly anticipated Laced Belt Sponsorship competition on OpenFender! After careful consideration and an overwhelming response from the racing community, we are pleased to announce Lucas Thek as the recipient of this prestigious full-ride-laced sponsorship.

Laced Belt Co, in continuing their unwavering commitment to supporting the racing community, has provided an incredible opportunity that has the potential to transform Lucas Thek's off-track presence and propel his racing career to new heights. At just 13 years old, Lucas is already making waves in the racing world as a kart racer from Miami, FL.

With this incredible sponsorship opportunity from Laced Belt Co, Lucas Thek can further enhance his racing capabilities and gain the necessary resources to break new barriers in his career. This collaboration promises to open doors to remarkable opportunities for Lucas, allowing him to excel and develop as a racer.

We congratulate Lucas Thek on his well-deserved victory in the Laced Belt Sponsorship competition. We extend our gratitude to Laced Belt Co for their continued support of the racing community and their commitment to nurturing young talent. Through initiatives like this, the racing community grows stronger, and young racers are inspired to pursue their dreams with unwavering determination.

Remember, dreams are always in gear.

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