A Monthly $1,000 Sponsorship Opportunity for Rising Stars by OpenFender





Mar 4, 2024

A Monthly $1,000 Sponsorship Opportunity for Rising Stars by OpenFender

OpenFender, a revolutionary platform connecting the worlds of motorsports and financial support, is giving racers an exclusive opportunity to advance their careers through a monthly sponsorship worth $1,000. With the introduction of the FundChaser initiative, OpenFender aims to provide concrete assistance to racers while showcasing their abilities as racing ambassadors. By participating in the OpenFender Sponsorship Campaign, racers can gain momentum on the track with financial support, increased exposure, and exciting collaborations with brands.

Steps to Join the OpenFender Sponsorship Campaign:

Getting involved in the OpenFender Sponsorship Campaign is a straightforward process that has the potential to change the racing trajectory of aspiring champions. Here are the steps for racers to qualify for this exciting opportunity:

1. Create an Active OpenFender Profile:

Racers are urged to set up or update their profiles on OpenFender. This digital platform acts as a showcase for racers' accomplishments and aspirations in the motorsports community, allowing brands and fans to discover them.

2. Reach $100 on OpenFender:

Active participation on the OpenFender platform is crucial. Racers need to raise a minimum of $100 during the sponsorship competition to demonstrate their commitment and ability to mobilize their fan base.

3. Tag and Promote Brands:

To enhance their chances of winning the sponsorship award, racers should boost their presence on social media. By tagging @openfender and using the specified hashtags #fundingperformance and #openfendersponsorship, racers can showcase their dedication and potentially attract the attention of brands.

The winners will be carefully selected and announced by OpenFender on April 11th. These selected racers will receive the esteemed $1,000 sponsorship, gaining valuable visibility, recognition, and the opportunity to grow their fan base while forming lucrative partnerships with brands. FundChaser acts as a platform for racers to display their skills, interact with fans, and connect with brands that share their enthusiasm for motorsports.

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