About us

Open Fender was founded by Mason Filippi, a 21-year-old professional race car driver who came through the ranks of karting, Spec Miata and currently races TCR in IMSA. Everyone wants to race more! OpenFender is here to create a way to streamline your process of getting sponsored and connect with fans to be at the track every weekend. We built OpenFender to fulfill a need in racing from grassroots all the way to the top. OpenFender was created to connect fans, sponsors and racers from all discipline of motorsports

How it works

Create an OpenFender Account, load up your profile with the sponsorship options that are available. As soon as your account is created you will be a part of “OpenFender Boost” where anyone can support you for any amount. Then use OpenFender to easily reach out to potential sponsors, and your supporting community to help spread the word.
We encourage drivers to engage with OpenFenders features like connecting social media platforms, sharing their personal QR code and more. It is two simple taps for anyone to support you!
As a sponsor If you are looking to sponsor a racer then easily select the available spot on the vehicle you want to feature on and simply hit add to cart! It is as easy as that.
OpenFender takes an admin fee and the rest will be deposited directly into your account through our payments platform.
We are here to help, if you have any questions contact us, the OpenFender community is here for you! Link OpenFender with your social media channels and we will do our work on our end to get your car’s fenders filled.

From Mason

I started in karting where I was able to learn a lot and eventually move to spec miata. When first learning how to race cars, I needed a lot more seat time and we all want to race more! I started OpenFender while thinking about not only racing at the professional level but the grassroots level. I wish that I had something like OpenFender when I was just starting to race. An extra weekend or set of tires would be perfect to build up our racing skill on track. What OpenFender is here to do is to give every racer the opportunity to get sponsors, easily and efficiently. On OpenFender you can have your race bio, social media links, where you want sponsorship and for what all wrapped up in one campaign made solely for you! I am looking forward to hearing your feedback and seeing you on track every weekend.

-- Mason Filippi