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Creating an account with OpenFender is easy. Enter your email address, or use the social login feature that allows you to login. There is no need to complete your profile right away. We use a trusted and secure Stripe payment processing system. We will send your money through: PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, or a check. Just put in your profile under “Billing" how you want to receive your funds!

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Follow step-by-step flow to create your campaign. Tell your audience about the race, your car and yourself. Set the products and list your campaign.

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Creating an account with OpenFender is easy. Use the social login feature so that you won’t have any “login/register” friction. You’ll be creating listings, getting selected for campaigns, driving and getting paid in no time!

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5. E-Racing

E-Racing is one of the fastest growing e-sports in the world and has millions of views. Create an E-racing campaign and get sponsored for your next race! Whether on your stream or on your car - OpenFender gives you the capability to customize any part of your campaign.

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