OpenFender Launches New Sponsorship Competition: June 1 - August 6





Jun 12, 2024

OpenFender Launches New Sponsorship Competition: June 1 - August 6

OpenFender is excited to announce the launch of our new sponsorship competition, running from June 1 to August 6. As the world's first motorsports-focused funding engagement platform, we are committed to supporting racers by providing essential resources to help them achieve their racing dreams.

About the Competition

This competition offers racers the opportunity to win a $1,500 sponsorship. The goal is to promote and support passionate motorsport enthusiasts, enabling them to advance in their racing careers.

How to Participate

To be eligible for the sponsorship, participants must:

1. Click the promo link and sign up on OpenFender.
2. Raise at least $200 using the OpenFender platform.
3. Tag @openfender and use the relevant hashtags in their social media posts.
4. Make a minimum of five posts tagging OpenFender, with at least one post explaining why racers or sponsors should use OpenFender.

Selection and Announcement

Winners will be chosen based on their engagement and the quality of their posts. The winner will be announced at the beginning of August.


This competition is an excellent opportunity for racers to gain valuable funding and exposure. OpenFender is proud to support the motorsports community and looks forward to seeing the amazing talent and passion from our participants.

For more information and to participate, visit OpenFender's website and follow us on social media @openfender.

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